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A clever headline and/or compelling image is the foundation of effective advertising. The success of your ad depends on the message and product retention. The challenge to attract the attention of an audience who are already distracted by their own thoughts or their phone, is no easy task. Sometimes you have to take some risks. These three campaigns were targeting a captive audience but they still needed to be memorable and perhaps a little controversial.

LUX13 Restroom Posters

Placed in both men’s and women’s restrooms in local college bars, the goal was to create a message that the consumer would remember even if they didn’t remember much the next day. We were in the midst of a lease up for newly constructed student housing in an already increasingly saturated market. This approach was successful, as we had several prospects mention the posters when they came in to tour the community.


The Crossing at Santa Fe Bus Posters (2015)

Targeted specifically to students attending Santa Fe College, the concept was to accentuate the bus commuting experience by reminding them how uncomfortable it can be, while offering them an alternative in living close to campus—located across the street from our community. Additionally, the “hand-drawn” aesthetic of the posters were visually engaging and relatable to our student demographic. Our goal was to create messages and images that would captivate the audience coaxing them to study the ads for the duration of their commute.


The Crossing at Santa Fe Newspaper Ad (2016)

This ad was placed in the local, independent newspaper for several weeks. The message again is to illustrate the close proximity of our community to Santa Fe College, within walking distance. Using a popular euphemism in student culture, as well as a substantial offer of savings proved successful—resulting in a large number of coupons redeemed from the first week of running the ad.

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